Germany in 1912: Images 161 to 170

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Ancient Cologne. -- The tower of Saint Mark (left), and the house of masons.

Over the Heumarkt (hay market) stands the equestrian statue of Frederick-Wilhelm III, almost in the shadow of this cathedral of which he was the first restorer.

The bridge on the Rhine -- The Rhine Bridge above and the Hohenzollern Bridge below are among the most beautiful and imposing that modern German industry has thrown on the great German river.

On the Sachenring. -- The "Ring" of Cologne is the ring flowered with trees and charming villas nestled in the countryside, which has replaced the forbidding belt of the ramparts.

The old market. -- Cologne has several well-stocked markets. But by its centuries-old tradition it also has maintained its old market, the Altmarkt.

The Cologne Carnaval, the only truly lively one remaining along with the one in Nice. Twenty-five carnival companies present the most fantastic antics there.

A procession in Cologne. -- Cologne is Germany's largest Catholic city and the authorities take part in these grandiose religious events.

The house of Ricmode of Adur, famous for the legend where horses climbed the stairs to look out the window.

On the quays along the Rhine ancient houses and their tranquil countenance contrast strangely with the feverish activity of the modern port.

Hochstrasse, the main street in Cologne, at the entrance of which the Stollwerck home is located.


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