Link roundup for 25 May 2013

Sunday, May 26, 2013

A few articles:

Finally something interesting on Wikipedia that is usually found in the less-used languages but now in the 1 million+ ones:

That's a list of the largest Wikipedias by number of articles, and going back at least to 2005 the ranking by article count has always been English, then German, and then French about 100,000 articles behind German. Over the past few weeks Dutch has all of a sudden gone from a bit over 1 million to nearly 1.6 million, leaping over French and soon to be the second-largest after English. This of course is artificial and mostly done by bots, and the number of edits, users and depth make this clear:

Edits: German 124 million, French 93 million, Dutch 38 million
Users: German 1.7 million, French 1.6 million, Dutch 0.5 million
Active users: German 20.8 thousand, French 18 thousand, Dutch 4.7 thousand
Depth: German 89, French 162, Dutch 10

So there may be some grousing soon after Dutch takes over second place in this ranking.

Below the 1 million mark the two worst offenders are: Waray-Waray and Cebuano, both with 350,000+ articles and a depth of 3 and 4. The ones with the best depth on that level: Hebrew, Arabic, Turkish, and Persian.


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