Germany in 1912: Images 171 to 180

Monday, June 16, 2014

Düsseldorf. -- The Path of Whispers in the Hogarden of Düsseldorf, which is in the afternoon the place par excellence for a get-together.

Düsseldorf has a splendid municipal park. In the middle of this industrial region, it is also, with its parks and ponds, a veritable oasis.

Saint Roch Church is one of the most beautiful Roman-style monuments in the city.

The Malkasten. -- This...tasteful monument houses the Circle of Artists in Düsseldorf.

The Port of Düsseldorf, viewed from above from a Zeppelin, for which the city has committed a very large expenditude. Why? Because Cologne has done the same for its own. As soon as Cologne finds something new to do, Düsseldorf tries to do it better.

The expo fairgrounds in Düsseldorf. -- The exhibition in connection with its creation brought the Emperor to Düsseldorf, where he had never been since the distrace of Bismarck, the god of the Düsseldorfers.

The French village of Friedrichsdorf was founded in 1687 by French Protestants. Among their descendants is Mr. GUstave Rousselet (in the centre), who does not have a drop of German blood in his veins.

The hat factory was founded in 1687 by Daniel Rousselet, a French refugee in Germany after the revocation of the edict of Nantes. Above one sees the mechanical press, the manual press below.

The hats pass through the a preparation press, then are fitted (above), followed by the hydraulic press and finally are trimmed by the women.

At Hoechst one makes pharmaceutical products, among them antipyrine by Kuorr. Above one sees the bottles of products; below, the tablets of pyramidon.


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