Germany in 1912: Images 151 to 160

Friday, June 13, 2014

Princess Charlotte of Saxe-Meiningen, elder sister of the Kaiser, is the enfant terrible of the family. Prince Henry of Prussia, brother of the Kaiser, is a universal sportsman.

The "Dom" of Cologne is wonderful, as said by our Victor Hugo, for the order of its plan, the boldness of its vaulted ceiling and the impetuous development of its towers, and its grandiose beauty.

The proportions of the "Dom" are magnificent: the nave is 144 meters long, 61 meters wide and 45 meters high and with the two perforated arrows it reaches 157 meters.

The great gate, very beautiful in itself, remains nonetheless crushed by the rest, out of proportion with the building.

The Gothic nave is always moving. But imagination and thought is always confounded by its gigantic elevation, the infinite perspective of chapels and its apse.

The stone forest which rises from all sides in festoons, in point lace, filigree, blossoms, and pinnacles, moves, fascinates and strikes the visitor with ecstasy.

The Rathaus brings to the square a German Renaissance loggia that served once for speeches and public oaths.

The stained glass windows. -- Sifted through the ancient windows of yellow gold, white, opel and ruby-red, the rays of the sun project into the nave a light of mystery and contemplation.

The old houses rest here and there in Cologne, awkwardly supporting the weight of centuries, but precious as shrines where glorious memories are housed.

Ancient Cologne. -- The Bell Gate (left), the White Tower (right).


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