Germany in 1912: Images 301 to 305

Monday, September 29, 2014

Work in the port. - Ships that can not dock are attach to wooden pillars.

The launch of the Imperator was in event of national importance, a true celebration. Emperor Wilherm was present; it was he who baptized the huge ship.

After the launch, the Imperator receives its superstructures. Its total height, which includes nine bridges, measures more than 20 meters.

Hagenbeck's menagerie. - The landing of camels for Mr. Hagenbeck, the famous merchant of wild beasts who counts among his customers the Emperor of Austria, the Sultan of Turkey, etc.

Hagenbeck's menagerie. - The polar landscape, all artificial ice, where Mr. Hagenbeck's polar bears, reindeer, penguins and seals move freely.


Germany in 1912: Images 296 to 300

Monday, September 22, 2014

Hamburg - this rocker arm is one of the processes employed for the instant unloading of coal

The main anchor of the Imperator, by its enormous size, gives an idea of the mass that the boat itself represents. It is indeed 285 metres in length and 30 metres in width. Four turbines give it 62,000 horsepower, and a speed of 22.5 knots. On this floating city they have established a restaurant, a grill room, a tea garden, a superb ballroom, and even a swimming pool.

The anchor chain of the Imperator, where each ring seems to almost reach the height of a man, is the largest that has ever been made.

The landing of goods from the Imperator is done quickly thanks to the simultaneous use of many cranes.

The coal supply of a transatlantic. -- There are thousands of tons that must be buried in the hold, since the machines devour more than a thousand of them a day.


Page F30 Scottish referendum vs. the real Scottish referendum

So the referendum is over and the overall result was as follows:

Yes check.svg Yes1,617,98944.7%
X mark.svg No2,001,92655.3%

Not too much of a surprise, in spite of the few late polls showing a possible yes victory.

What about the vote here? We ended up with the following:

Yes 30 (60%)
No 20 (40%)

60%. So let's compare that to how people voted by age:

So maybe readers of Page F30 are in the 25-34 age range. Or maybe it's everything from 16 to about 54 or so, but nobody older.

Time to get back to 1912 Germany.


New poll on the right - how should Scotland vote on the 18th?

Sunday, September 14, 2014

A new poll has just been put up on the right, and is as straightforward as the question on the ballot itself. Should Scotland vote yes or no to becoming an independent country?


Germany in 1912: Images 291 to 295

The Sandtor Basin is no less than 1,030 metres in length and 90-130 metres in width. This is where the English, Norwegian and Dutch ships approach.

The Church of St. Nicolas, located in the market square for hops, has a Gothic tower of 147 metres, one of the highest in Europe.

Hamburg. -- The wheat elevators are here to receive wheat from the wagons and to dump them into cargo boats. Equipped with fans, they dispose of the wheat dust that way.

Hamburg. -- A crane with a force of 75,000 kilos and a volley of 30 metres that lifts the coal cars and empties them into the barges.

A hangar on the Schuppen dock. -- In the colossal port of Hamburg there are also more than 80 hangars of 120 to 450 metres in length and 20 to 60 metres in width.


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