Store norske leksikon and Wikipedia may look at joining forces

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Store norske leksikon is the second-largest encyclopedia in Norwegian after Wikipedia, and it will cease service on the first of July this year. After culture minister Anniken Huidfeldt rejected the idea of state support for the encyclopedia, Wikipedia stepped in to see if it could help. The current offer though is unpalatable to those at SNL because it would entail simply taking the content there and incorporating it into Wikipedia. The other encyclopedia has a policy of having authors with their names visible who take responsibility for the work, and many of them certainly wouldn't like the idea of their work suddenly being tossed into another article and edited by anyone.

At the end of the article it says that they're willing to consider an option where they don't have to do this, and I know just the solution. Do the same thing that happened with the 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica. Put it on Wikisource where it will be untouchable starting in July, and then use that as a reference to improve Wikipedia articles. Everybody wins.

...ah, looks like someone on the Norwegian Wikipedia has the same idea, and I guess this has happened once before with a Swedish encyclopedia as well.


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