May 2009 - Three new Wikipedia milestones: German, Polish and Chinese

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Over at the list of Wikipedias you can see that three major languages have just reached or are just about to reach a few milestones. They are:

  • German, which is at 899,451 articles and so should reach 900,000 in about a day or so
  • Polish, which has reached 600,000
  • Chinese, which has reached 250,000 articles as well as 10 million edits, the latter of which is usually more telling when determining the quality of a Wikipedia anyway.
It's a pity though the major Wikipedias are too cool to use special designs to celebrate the milestone, that I could show here.

Fine, then I'll just have to make my own, garish and pink. Polish Wikipedia users: get a better design than this and I'll fix it for you. Until then you're pink.

As always, the French and German Wikipedias are separated by almost exactly 100,000 articles. It's been that way for at least a few years, even back when German was just a tad over 400,000 and French 100,000 behind that.


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