One more day until release of Hunt for Gollum, and interest is skyrocketing

Sunday, May 03, 2009

There's only one day left until the release of The Hunt for Gollum, and interest in the film has begun to increase exponentially. BBC has an article here on the film, and there are a few dozen articles on the movie elsewhere as well. Google Trends also shows how the interest in the film has suddenly began to skyrocket:

Once the movie is released that'll probably be a good time to start plugging the next project (Born of Hope), which seems to be about the Dúnedain and might be released near the end of the year. No idea whether it'll be as good as the Hunt for Gollum (since we don't even know how good HFG is going to be), but Middle Earth is Middle Earth and it's already more than halfway filmed so I just think of it as another added bonus.

The reason why the increased attention might be a good thing for this next project is because they need more money to complete it:

That second video was made near the end of February and has still only gotten a bit over 3,600 views. We'll find out soon enough whether HFG is good enough to inspire people to donate to this upcoming project as well.


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