Repeated church and grave vandalism in Oslo, Norway (Nordstrand kirke)

Sunday, May 03, 2009

From here and here in Norwegian. First take a look at some of the vandalism from part of the image here:

666, dø (die), horesønner av gud (whore sons of God), satan lever (Satan lives)... vandalism of this nature (immature and lacking a specific message) looks like something bored teenagers would do, not anyone specifically ideologically opposed to a church (other religions, non-religious and/or anti-religious people), especially including vandalism of graves, the usage of which is a custom that almost nobody is opposed to.

This is also just two days after a fire in the church house next door.

So far, there are no theories as to who is responsible for this or whether the two events are connected...given the closeness of the two events to each other though police are now keeping an eye on the area.

The Norwegian Wikipedia has a page on the church here including an image of the church from afar.

Hard to say whether the vandalists behind this will be caught, but my money is on bored and unambitious people doing it just for the thrill of destroying things to make the news.


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