Tim Kaine speaking Spanish

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Since he was chosen for VP on the Democratic ticket today, and one of his qualities is being able to speak Spanish, the next question is going to be how well he speaks it. The answer: quite well. In this video he starts at 50 seconds.

And 1 minute in in this video.

Sometimes with someone who "speaks Spanish" you get that really heavy English accent accompanying it (think Bloomberg, very painful to listen to) but Kaine is a pleasure to listen to.

Personally my favourite candidate in this season's election is Bill Weld, but Kaine is up there as well.

Somebody commented that Kaine is probably going to forget how to speak English after this campaign since they'll be leveraging his Spanish as much as possible up to November, and it's probably true that we're going to hear a *lot* of him in Spanish over the next few months.


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