America in 1911: Part 6

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Part 6 and final part of Jules Huret's l'Amérique Moderne.

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Mr. Roosevelt. -- The former President of the United States is a broad-minded politician and a talented writer at the same time. His administration was particularly brilliant and brought him much esteem.
Mr. Roosevelt the politician is an ardent orator, affluent, energetic and very appreciated by the masses.
Mr. Roosevelt the hunter has gone as far as the heart of Africa for the thrill of a rare hunt.
Mr. Roosevelt and masonry. -- Like many of the heads of the state, Mr. Roosevelt is a member of the Freemasons. This photograph shows him wearing his insignia and mason apron.
Mr. Roosevelt at the university. -- Mr. Roosevelt, a vigorous writer at the same time as a skilled politician, has always shown sympathy with American universities and frequently visits them.
Mr. Hughes, head of the Democratic Party in the United States, almost defeated Mr. Roosevelt and Mr. Taft.
Mr. Bryan, the eternal candidate for President of the Republic, has a smiling and malicious good humor.
Electoral campaigning in the United States.
These campaigns take on the most unbelievable and extraordinary forms: giant posters, monstrous banners, extravagant and noisy processions.
President Taft. -- Being President of the United States is not an easy task, but rather a voyage. You have to harangue the crowds and the train platforms often get used for grandstanding.
Mr. Roosevelt in Venice. -- Coming back from his great hunts, Roosevelt visited the main cities in Europe. We see him here in a gondola for a trip down the grand canal.
Fire at the tobacco trust. -- The work of the trusts is not equally appreciated by all, as these ruins show, the work of agricultural enemies opposing the tobacco monopoly.
The palaces of the trusts. -- The trusts live in immense buildings matching their formidable wealth. On the left is the Steel Trust, on the right the Insurance Trust.
Palaces and castles. -- Top left is the unique gallery where Pierpont Morgan piles up artistic marvels; on the right, W. K. Vanderbilt's hotel. On the bottom, the country house of Fred Vanderbilt.
Multi-millionaire vacation home. -- This comfortable and pretty cottage on the point of Newport, north of New York, is the summer residence of Mr. Pierpont Morgan, the king of navigation.
A multi-millionaire's yacht. -- One of the favorite pastimes of the rich Astor consists of long cruises on his yacht, a marvel of luxury and comfort.
Vanderbilt mail coach. -- At certain hours of the day Fifth Avenue looks very elegant, with luxurious and well-harnessed coaches.
The past and the present. -- This visit by Roosevelt to the Forum shows the past and present in contrast. Two powerful civilizations, one of which is no more than a memory and the other already more than just a hope.
Higher and higher. -- The relatively tight space that New York has requires them to build buildings that are always higher than before, like this one which is currently the tallest in the world.
Astor trading house. -- This large building, banal and without a sense of architecture, is indeed one of the most important trading houses in New York.
The Vanderbilt family about to leave for Europe. -- American multi-millionaires frequently travel to Europe where the climate and society fit better with their tastes for luxury.
Politics, finance, religion. -- Around president Taft can be seen Andrew Carnegie, one of the richest men in the world, and Cardinal Vaughan, primate for America.
The ancestor and the pupil of a dynasty. -- Commodore Vanderbilt that can be seen on the left is the founder of the dynasty of which K. Vanderbilt on the right is currently the youngest representative.
A new palace of gold. The iron trust. -- The American, always driven for the pursuit of wealth, shows his respect for gold in building sumptuous temples like the one here.
The office of the copper trust. -- The large trusts all have magnificent buildings in New York as centers for management, where all the technical and administrative services are centralized.
Aboard a transatlantic. -- The Harriman family all departs for Europe. On the bridge they chat with friends come to accompany them until they depart.
Julian Schell, whose immense stores surpass all known bazaars in importance.
Mr. Astor and Ketty Green are among the most powerful multi-millionaires in America.
Profiles of multi-millionaires. -- Outside their large industrial or financial businesses, the richest of Americans with a few exceptions have a simple life. Rockefeller walks in the open on the streets of New York, Carnegie visits libraries and institutes, Pierpont Morgan is interested in universities.
Firefighters in New York. -- New York is proud of its firefighting service, which is incomparable in its speed in getting to the location of disasters.
The parks of New York on Sunday. -- During the summer heat which is particularly severe in New York, the population runs to the parks to find a bit of coolness.
Final view of New York. -- As the boat leaves the docks and moves down the bay towards the sea, your eye embraces the fairytale-like panorama of the skyscrapers.
A view of the bay. -- From above from a number of bridges over the bay you can see a superb view of the various arms of the Hudson, from which the formidable wealth of the United States flows towards the sea.


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