Germany in 1912: Images 41 to 50

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Norderney is the beach the Berliners find fashionable. During the season it offers the most picturesque spectacle, with its multicoloured tangle of cabins and shelters in wicker.
Hotel Adlon. -- With its front on the Pariserplatz, the Linden and the Wilhelmstrasse, the Adlon is the largest and most luxurious hotel in Berlin.
The Kaiserhof. -- Among the major hotels in the German capital, the Kaiserhof occupies a leading position. It is at night the worldly meeting place for Berlin high society.
Grünewald. -- Almost at the gates of Berlin, the route leading to Potsdam makes its way through the great and beautiful forest of Grünewald, populated with restaurants and cafes that the Sunday crowd invades when summer arrives.
The pleasures of winter. -- Skating is the favourite sport of Berliners who indulge in it with passion in vast spaces arranged for this purpose, even in the centre of the city.
The Defiliercour. -- A ceremony in which the young girls of nobility in age to appear at the Court, in long dress and veil, are presented before the Emperor and Empress by the grand mistress of the imperial house.
The Tiergarten is Berlin's equivalent of the Bois de Boulogne. In one of its parts is the Zoological Garden, and in the cafes found there are friendly antelopes that approach consumers.
Frederick the Great. -- From his granite pedestal above, the warrior and philosopher king, wrapped in his ermine mantle, seems to be contemplating this Prussian grandeur of which he was the great artisan.
Wannsee. - On the vast sandy beach along Lake Wannsee, workers and the petty trades of Berlin meet and merge in a democratic jumble.
Wertheim House is a retail house of novelties in the genre of the Louvre and the Bon Marché, but less imposing. Even meat is sold here and a portion of the floor is occupied by a restaurant.


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