Germany in 1912: Images 31 to 40

Monday, June 02, 2014

Presentation of the Flag. -- Each year the arrival of the recruits results in an impressive military ceremony where the young soldiers swear, before the Emperor, loyalty to their flag.
Almost always some prince attends the great military maneuvers. At a halt shown here one can see the regent of Brunswick, wearing a fur shapska.
Treptow is one of the favourite places to walk for Berliners found there during the summer where one finds beautiful shade conducive to naps and vast terrain good for practicing sports.
A meeting in open air. -- A massive Social Democratic gathering in the park of Treptow, close to Berlin. The crowd cheering the speaker.
The Street in Berlin. -- Berlin, like Paris, has popular styles: grumpy cab drivers and good children, sweepers in felt hats with rooster feathers, milk vendors with their merchandise on the open street.
Bavaria Square. -- This large square, adorned with gardens with green lawns, is remarkable overall for the architecture of the houses that line it and which all belong to German art nouveau.
Blücherplatz. -- Though quite far from the centre, this square connects to Linden by the Friedrichstrasse. It is located quite close to the military quarter and the Berlin field of maneuvers.
Wannsee is a lake a half hour from Berlin where one comes to bathe during the summer months.
Wannsee. -- The most lovable carelessness presides at these swims; men and women are mixed picturesquely together, to the great detriment of German modesty so vaunted by the country.
Wannsee. -- No booths at Wannsee, those are an unnecessary luxury. Men and women spread out on the sand in the nude, undressing without care to the looks of their neighbors.


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