New poll: Kazakhstan or Kazak Yeli?

Monday, February 10, 2014

A new poll has just been added to the sidebar on the right, the first in 5 months. Kazakhstan's president Nazarbayev has begun floating the idea of changing the name of the country to Kazak Yeli (land/place of the Kazakhs), so basically a substitution of a Turkic suffix for the current Persian one. In Persian -estân means place of, and not just countries. Gol (flower) for example becomes golestân to mean flower bed (lit. place of flower). Two other suffixes, not proposed, would be Kazakhia (Latin), and Kazakhland (Germanic). The Latin Wikipedia seems to have an endless number of ways to write the country.

(Redirectum de Casachia)
Kazachstania[2] (-ae, f.) sive Kasachstania[3] vel Kazakhstania[4] vel Kasakstania[5] atque Kazachia[6]


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