Queen Jadis was not a hag

Monday, February 10, 2014

The other day I noticed that someone has uploaded all the German audiobooks for the Narnia series to YouTube. The audio is done by a single person (here is Das Wunder von Narnia for example), who I think is the guy who plays the main character in Deutsche Welle's (terrible) German course Radio D, and he does a good job with most of the characters. All except Queen Jadis, who throughout the Magician's Nephew is characterized as a woman of unearthly beauty along with her cruelty, but the audio in the book makes her sound like a hag. Much of the art, including that in the movies, also shows more cruelty than beauty.

One drawing from Deviantart that I do like, however, is this one, with Digory and Polly along with her in Charn. Outright avoiding drawing her face was probably a good idea.

Another one that I like aside from the too-modern looking face is this one, which is also a better depiction of a queen of otherworldly beauty. Or maybe this is how she looked further back in the history of Charn before going to war with her sister.

 Because a lot of Narnianic art, not just Queen Jadis, is a bit too childish for its own good, I also tried to find something a bit darker for the world in general and came across this artist. He or she has only a few drawings of Narnia but has quite a few sketches of Norse mythology, so the Narnia sketches are just the tip of the iceberg.

The original book art for the Narnia series, of course, is excellent, and remains the largest influence on what my mind conjures up when I read them.


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