Would Korean smokers quit if prices were raised to 4,500 won?

Sunday, October 27, 2013

A few days ago I referenced a poll of Korean smokers about whether they would quit if cigarette prices were raised to 10,000 won, but since the current price of about 2500 won is nowhere near that and no plans exist to raise it to four times its current price, this poll is probably more meaningful. It asks smokers what they intend to do if prices are raised by 2000 won, which is exactly what a bill in parliament intends to do.

When smokers were asked what they would do if tobacco prices were raised from 2500 to 4500 won, 39% said they would quit, 47% said they would continue to smoke, and 14% reserved judgment.

(In comparison, for 10,000 won 54% said they would quit and 33% said they would still smoke).

Among those that smoked under 10 cigarettes a day 44% said they would quit, while 41% of those who smoked 11-20 a day said they would quit. For those who smoked over 21 a day, only 19% said they would.


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