Korea's Naro rocket succeeds on third try

Thursday, January 31, 2013

I first read about Korea's plans to build a space centre in the island of Oenaro-do (외나로도) one morning in the newspaper in a coffee shop in Pyeongchon in 2003 (now a Tous Les Jours), on Page F30 alone there are almost 30 posts on the rocket, some liveblogging of the launch attempt in 2009, and even an article about the connection between Korean space technology and barbecue, so this event has been a long time coming for me: Korea has finally succeeded in launching the Naro-1 rocket and sending a satellite into orbit. Of course, I slept through it this time. No matter, because rocket launches are nervous events and sleeping through them is almost preferable.

This launch makes Korea the 13th country capable of launching from its own soil, which is about the same size as their economy on the world scale.

Now time to watch the video:


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