Korea's Naro rocket to try launching again in 27 days. Also barbecue.

Monday, October 01, 2012

This is one of the weirder articles I've seen. In Korean, it's ostentatiously about the upcoming third try of Korea's Naro rocket, which tried before in 2009 and 2010 with only partial success. The contract with Russia (which builds the first stage) only goes to three launches, making this the last one in this series of attempts.

The new head of the agency is interviewed for the article, and all of a sudden the article delves into the barbecue place where they had the interview. He then says that foreigners like the restaurant too. Then it goes back to his exemplary history with rocket technology such as being an AIAA fellow.

...Then it goes back to the history of the restaurant, started in 1930. He never liked eating meat that much before but everyone else at the agency likes the restaurant. Now we're back to his history, and learn that he entered Seoul National University in 1969 to take engineering. He's 175 cm tall and weighs 70 kg. Now we're talking about the rocket again and how technologically he is not worried but does not want to place too much emphasis on the success or failure of a single launch. We learn some more about the rocket, then about rocket technology in general which started in the 1930s. Then we get up to the present day and SpaceX's contracts with NASA....and suddenly we learn that the restaurant also makes good noodles, complete with a picture of a meal on the right.

Then back to Mr. Kim's career and the upcoming launch, and how a Nobel Prize isn't something one should be pressured to work towards - instead, just do your own thing and just like Gangnam Style took off one day, maybe that will happen to you too.

Then we get to the last three paragraphs, which are all about the restaurant. A map is on the right, and you can see that it's very close to Gangnam Station. The owner of the restaurant is making a wine cellar because wine goes well with meat. You can get a barbecue (bulgogi) set at lunch for 26,000 won (tax not included). Dinner prices are then listed, ending with cold noodles for 9,000 won. Thus ends the article, and we now know more about rocketry and barbecue.


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