Certain Seoul movie theatres to add Chinese subtitles (third language after English and Japanese)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

From here in Korean:

After English and Japanese, Chinese subtitles will be added to Korean movies in theatres as soon as the latter half of this year. A spokesperson from the city said that "Due to the increasing number of Chinese tourists we are going to have major theatres begin service with Chinese subtitles so that they will be able to easily watch Korean movies." 
According to the Korea Tourism Organization, about 2 million Chinese citizens are expected to visit the country this year. 
English subtitles began to be displayed in certain theatres in 2009. Beginning with two theatres, this expanded to four in 2010. Last year Lotteria Emanuel (Myeongdong) also began showing Japanese subtitles. 
(Note: Myeongdong is where all the Japanese tourists go)
For the Chinese subtitling service the city has raised its funding from 1 billion won ($885,000) to 1.5 billion won ($1.32 million).

To walk around Myeongdong yourself, see here:



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