A book has been translated into Lingua Franca Nova; can be purchased at amazon.com

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The LFN community has some big news to announce today: a certain book has been translated into the language, and can also be purchased on Amazon.com. I'll show two images of the book, which should certainly give away which one it is. I'll start with the back cover though.

And if that doesn't give it away the front cover should:

Yes, it's Alice in Wonderland. See the Amazon.com entry here.

I may buy it.

On a related note, LFN seems to have become more and more precise as time has gone on. The actual changes have been slight, while discussions of how the language works have often risen through practical usage. The most notable example of a clarification is this:
Because personal pronouns can also be possessives, and verbs can be used as nouns, certain
sentences may seem to be ambiguous. Does me desira es forte mean ‘I desire to be strong’ or ‘my desire is strong’? The first meaning is correct: desira is primarily a verb, so it is treated as a verb here. To clarify that one intends a possessive determiner and a verbal noun, use la with or in place of the possessive determiner, or use the plural of the verbal noun:

• La me teme pare fol. – My fear seems foolish.

I noticed a lot of this la usage the last time I looked at the wiki or LFN Facebook page.


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