China determined to settle in Kyrgyzstan

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Some information from here in French, interesting but unsourced so I can't recommend where to go from here for more background.

China determined to settle in Kyrgyzstan

China, the second economic power in the world, has recognized the importance of soft power for some time...among its targets are found its neighbors in Central Asia, with Kyrgyzstan in the centre of them, which has a growing number of Confucius Institutes...The first was created in the country in 2007, quickly followed by a second the next year. With their success, these two institutes have developed and are looking now to give to their Kyrgyz students the academic support for a year of study in China, which represents a sum of around $9,000 per student...many cases have been reported of former students of the Confucius Institute who have learned Chinese on top of Russian, and today earn salaries up to five times higher than the national average.

Ties between the two countries seem to have been reinforced in recent years. China and Kyrgyzstan signed an agreement in April to promote peace and regional security in the fight against terrorism, drug traffic and organized crime...but more importantly, China has opened in Kyrgyzstan many commercial centres and mines, and has managed to make it irresistably dependant on its exports.

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