Using Radio D to create matching text and audio samples

Monday, August 29, 2011

I made a quick video on YouTube just now showing an example of Macedonian from Deutsche Welle's Radio D, the radio course I often criticize for being a sucky Germany course but praise for its plethora of audio and matching text in a great number of other languages, for many of which it's hard to find these for.

These texts are not too hard to make: simply use a program like Audacity to remove everything but the Macedonian audio (or other language), which will reduce the length from about 15 minutes to 5. Then copy and paste the text from the pdf into Google Translate, and now you have a mostly yet not entirely accurate, sometimes awkward, but helpful translation to work from. Here's kind of what the final result looks like.

Thanks to the Defense Language Institute you don't have to work so hard to obtain these texts in a great number of otherwise rare languages, but there are still a few missing where Deutsche Welle is quite helpful.


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