How to kind of create matching audio and text for rare languages

Sunday, August 28, 2011

One more language learning tip for those learning rare languages and who are having a hard time finding audio with matching text. The language used here as an example is Slovene/Slovenian.

First, find a video on YouTube in the language with English subtitles. Not always the easiest thing to do, but much easier to find than a Slovenian video with Slovenian subtitles (native speakers don't have much need for them). One good example is this one on the "Communist Manifesto and the new Left", as the title goes.

Step two: change the subtitles to Slovenian. Now you have a translation of the original translation, and it will end up being maybe...50 to 75% accurate. While not perfect, this is good enough to provide you with plenty of text 'anchors' to keep you from getting lost and missing out entirely on just what the video is about. And of course you also have the original English translation to refer to whenever you need it.


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