Playing around with Naver's French - Korean dictionary

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Naver (Korea's Google) has recently added French to its list of online dictionaries. I'm not certain when this was added, but it still has that new mark next to it so it was done fairly recently:

That's French there on the right. This makes French the first language to be added after the languages most crucial to Korea (and the ones you usually see sites translated into) - English, Japanese, Chinese. The dictionary is here but I also made a quick video as I played around with it. I might have recorded the volume a bit loud so turn down your speakers just in case.

As you can see, the dictionary is of outstanding quality as are the others Naver offers. Naver seems to be a bit perfectionist with its dictionaries and that's also why it takes so long to add new languages. Since Koreans use Naver almost 100% of the time this will probably guarantee this dictionary's place as the main resource for Koreans learning French online.

Especially nice is the ability to type accented characters right away. Whenever you type a character that can take an accent or special mark (e, i, c, o, etc.) all the possible characters are shown just above. Typing o will show ô and œ above, e shows é/è/ë/ê, and so on.

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