Russian FAST language course works pretty well on YouTube

Thursday, January 20, 2011

After my latest Alpha Centauri video the thought occurred to me that doing the same thing with some of the FSI language courses could really speed up the process. Some of them are not ideal for screenshots, especially those with a native language dialogue on one page and the English translation below - those ones seem to have been made for the student to open up the book and have one on the left, one on the right to view, and putting them together would make the text far too small to read.

The Russian FAST course is quite good though from what I've seen so far, and creating this first video barely took any time at all. Just point and click, split the mp3 into parts, match the images up, and now you have a ten-minute video. Since the course itself isn't incredibly lengthy who knows, I may actually finish it.

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