Spanish CNN+ goes off the air due to low ratings, to be replaced by 24 hour coverage of Big Brother (Gran Hermano)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

After 11 years being on the air (since January 1999), CNN+ will no longer be broadcasting in Spain. In its place we will be treated to 24 hour coverage of Gran Hermano, the Spanish version of Big Brother. Here's the final video before CNN+ went off the air.

Menéame (Spanish Reddit/Digg) is all over this:

"Replacing a 24-hour international news channel with 24-hour Big Brother is a symptom of the really sick society that we've created."

"Regardless of its political bias which it undoubtedly had, the closing of a television station dedicated to information is sad news. Wanting more Big Brother 24 than CNN+ says much about a society. We get what we deserve. Thanks CNN+ for these years of continuous information you gave us. So long!"

"It's sad and a tragedy every time a medium of information is closed. This isn't the case here. What is being closed is a medium of propaganda, which praises its ideology and hides its corruption and wrongdoing. It's not the only one, in Spain we don't get information, we only have propaganda."

"The worst thing about this is not that it's closing, but what it's being replaced with, 24-hour Big Brother. If this is the future of television, especially TDT channels, it's obvious that they are announcing its death. For obvious reasons the internet is more attractive..."

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