TIME's right, Verdade is pretty good

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

TIME has an article today on a Portuguese newspaper in Mozambique called Verdade and the positive effects it has had on the country so far (including electoral turnout), and taking a look at their website it is quite a nice paper. On the right in a small box is a link to download their most recent issues, and this page will enable you to download any and all of them (total of 119 so far).

In their next to most recent issue for example they have fully translated four of the leaked embassy cables that pertain to Mozambique, and here's the first page of it (you'll have to click to see it at full size):

Given that one of my pet peeves is writing articles on issues or speeches with no or hardly any sourcing to back it up (at least a paragraph or two from the issue or speech in question), magazines and newspapers that go to this much detail will almost always win my approval. Or at least a link to the primary source so that readers can verify what is being written with a single click.

As for the status of Portuguese itself in Mozambique, see here. Unsurprisingly, it's used much more in urban areas than rural.

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