Seoul under the G20 + rain + yellow dust = every dystopian movie you've ever seen

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Some days everything just combines together to produce an amazingly surreal atmosphere. Back in March when we usually have yellow dust there was one day that happened to be particularly dark and gloomy, and I took pictures of the city then. Today is similar to that in the gloomy sense, but it was mixed together with something that you see in dystopian science fiction movies, a kind of sense of power and authority as well. There were police absolutely everywhere around COEX, the road in front of it was sealed off with two fences (one green one in the middle of the street, and a smaller white one on the curb in front of COEX that surrounded the whole area), rain came down intermittently, the wind was high and the clouds were racing above, and it more or less looked like an image of what Korea might look like in some gloomy future if the whole place became a kind of technocratic police state. On top of that the weather was extremely warm, around +14 in spite of being almost the middle of November. Personally, I loved it.

I forgot my camera though (plus I'm not sure whether I would have been permitted to take pictures), but I'm sure there are a lot of images online. Let's see what we can find.

Here's the view from Bongeunsa temple earlier in the day before it got really dark, with the white fence on the opposite side. Seems to be just before they put up the green fence in the middle of the road.

A closeup of the white fence.

Here's the white fence being set up in front of the east gate, which is the main gate.

A view from yesterday in front of the east gate opposite the street, with the green fence set up (but not the white one yet). The tower there is the World Trade Center.

Some pictures of the security today - a police officer on some sort of three-wheeled scooter, armored police van, helicopter in the sky, etc.

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