"Real Pen Work" - Penmanship book from 1881

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The other day I found a book on penmanship from 1881 as a pdf which you can download here:


and this book is but one of many that are available here:


I found it when doing a search for a fairly famous drawing of Jesus made through a single stroke of a pen - in other words, starting from the centre (the nose) and then working outward in gradually larger circles until you end up with a face. A friend had told me about that image and I suddenly remembered it then and decided to see if it could be found.

So while I was at it I decided to upload the rest of the book for quick viewing...but didn't get around to it until I noticed a thread here today on Reddit about learning cursive writing vs. learning typing. I agree with a few of the top-voted posters there that typing is easy to learn later on (one of the best ways to learn to type quickly is online gaming where you have to keep up with the others, typing while doing something else at the same time) whereas cursive writing really is something that you either learn during school or likely won't end up learning at all. One comment here is also noteworthy as it goes to two links on how writing trains the brain, helping it to remember things in a way that apparently typing does not.

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