Guédelon, the present day yet medieval castle being built now in France

Monday, September 20, 2010

Take a look at this site I noticed yesterday - it's about a castle named Guédelon being constructed in France, one that is being made not only in a 13th century style but also using only tools and techniques available at that time. As soon as you access the site a video will pop up introducing the castle and if you want to skip that just click on a different part of the page outside the video, and the video is also available in three languages - French, English, and German. The site itself is also in Dutch, but on the Dutch page the video is just imagery and music and there is no voice to accompany it.

It's pretty easy to find too, just type in Guedelon into Google Maps and it'll give you this:

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In addition to ten reviews, all of which are extremely positive. It's impossible to be anything but for a project such as this.

Participation: there is a page on the site that says you can participate in the building of the castle, and all it requires is basic French and a willingness to participate.

The US also seems to have a project like this, called Ozark Medieval Fortress, which is near St. Louis but technically in Arkansas. According to the site this project was inspired in part by Guédelon, and is especially exciting in that it will be the first medieval castle on American soil.

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