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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

More interesting Canadian political news today as rumours fly about a possible merging of the Liberal and New Democratic parties (video here), which would then likely be named the Liberal Democratic Party. A merger of parties is in my opinion a much more honest way to go about trying to increase one's share of the vote than a coalition (especially a coalition after losing seats in the previous election) as sacrifices have to be made to do so; two parties turn into one, some end up with hurt feelings, some leave, some new people decide to join, etc. etc. It's also the exact same thing the PC and Alliance parties did as well so the Conservatives couldn't complain about the process.

As always, my vote will be decided on space and other related issues, which Canadian parties never address anyway so my vote will certainly be decided by some other less important reason. But if for some reason a new LD party runs on a platform of doubling the CSA budget and giving private space exploration firms certain benefits if they set up shop in Canada then I'll probably write a few dozen favorable posts on them here.

What would happen to the Green Party in case of a merger is anyone's guess, but support would probably go up a bit since the NDP has always been a party that people usually vote for out of principle rather than electoral prospects, and those that aren't happy with the idea of voting for either a big party on the left vs. a big party on the right may park their votes there. Elizabeth May is also not a big fan of Ignatieff's views on the environment (especially compared with Dion) so she may work hard during the election to try to present the Green Party as the only alternative for NDP voters who care about the environment.

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