Radio Netherlands: Khamenei's jet has been checked in case he needs to flee the country

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

That's the story here from Radio Netherlands, which was then distributed to a wider audience both through Twitter and Huffington Post. Balaratin also has a link here, from which we can learn a little Persian at the same time.

One thing about Persian is that since it's written from right to left but the genitive and adjectives usually are formed in the opposite way they are in English (e.g. My friend's dog's house is house-of-dog-of-friend-of-I), when you write the English equivalent underneath it's often already intelligible. Coup failure for example is failure of coup, Khamenei's private jet is jet-of-private-of-Khamenei, and Huffington Post news agency is news agency of Huffington Post.

Huffington Post, by the way, has been a bit preachy and boring of late. Headlines such as Biden should resign, stop talking about Balloon Boy and talk about issues instead (while having link after link devoted to models slipping on the catwalk, somebody's fashion no-no or a nipple slip), and often some outright inaccurate headlines (Abu Dhabi refuses to bail out Dubai!! when the story it linked to was more along the lines of Abu Dhabi considering Dubai bailout method and amount).


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