Little girl talking in Jamaican Patois / Creole with subtitles

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Here's a video from October, a nice find for anyone interested in auxlangs and creoles:

It's especially good because 1) it has subtitles (not quite complete, but close enough) and 2) it's completely natural and spontaneous. Nothing is more natural and spontaneous than the language spoken by an excited child.

The Jamaican Creole test Wikipedia is a good place to try to find some of the words she's saying. "Pan di" (on the, to the) can be seen here:

...Panama pan di soutwes; Kasta Riika, Nikaragua, Guatimaala, Andyuuras, an Beliiz pan di wes; di Grieta Antiliiz (Kyuuba, Jumieka, di Daminikan Ripoblik an Puoto Riiko pan di naat an di Lesa Antiliiz pan di iis.

The front page of the same test Wikipedia is here.


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