Learning Korean through music: 연인 1/3 (Queen) by 자우림

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A post from another site of mine that I originally wrote on 2004.01.17. No YouTube video seems to be available for this. Remember, the translation is done as literally as possible, in order to help the student.

Original post from 2004:

This one is pretty much the opposite of the other song with the same name. The lyrics are also extremely easy which is a nice break.

Song lyrics

감추지 마 나를 원해? 내 마음을 원해?
너의 눈,너의 눈 속의 나
너의 꿈 너의 꿈속의 나
너의 밤 너의 밤속의 나
나를 원해? 내 마음을 내 입술을 내 향기를
나를 원해? 원한다면 네게 줄게
가진 것 다 네게 줄게
나를 원해? 내 눈을 원해?
나를 원해? 내 맘을 원해?
나를 원해? 나. 나를 원해?
나를 원해? 나를 원해? 내 눈을 원해?
나를 원해.내 맘을 원해? 나를 원해.
나.나를 원해? 나를 원해?
Don't hide it, you want me? You want my heart?
Your eyes, the me in your eyes
Your dreams, the me in your dreams
Your night, the me in your night
You want me? My heart, my lips, my scent, you want me?
If you want it I'll give it to you, everything I have I'll give it to you
You want me, you want my eyes?
You want me, you want my heart?
You want me, me, you want me?
(repetition of the same lyrics)

감추다 - to hide something away 감추지 마 - don't hide it
원하다 - to want
마믐/맘 - heart
눈 - eyes
속 - inside. 너의 눈속의 나 - The me inside your eyes.
꿈 - a dream
밤 - night
원한다면 - if you want
가지다 - to hold 가진 것 - the things (you) hold.
다 - all.


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