Learning Korean through music: Violent Violet by 자우림

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A post from another site of mine that I originally wrote on 2004.01.12. Remember, the translation is done as literally as possible, in order to help the student.

Found a live version of this song on YouTube.

Original post from 2004:

This song's great...if you like really dark music. There are two versions of it - one is played in a regular rock style, where the other is remixed and sounds a lot like Portishead. The singing in the second version is almost impossible to hear, however.

내 눈은 이제 빛나지 않아
내 뇌는 이제 숨쉬지 않아

포도주스로 채워진 보라색의 내 심장, 내 심장,
가늘게 가늘게 떨리는 보라색의 내 혈관

내 뺨은 이제 기쁘지 않아
내 귀는 이제 예쁘지 않아

포도주스로 채워진 보라색의 내 심장
새파랗게 멍이 진 유혹적인 내 손목, 내 손목

비오는 밤은 광기에 차 제물을 기다려
다락에 같혀 비명을 지르는 작은 몸을

My eyes don't shine anymore
By brain doesn't breathe anymore
My purple heart, full of grape juice
My purple blood vessels, shaking constrictedly

My cheek isn't happy anymore
My ear isn't cute anymore
My purple heart, full of grape juice
My tempting wrist with its blue bruise

Crazed and waiting for my sacrifice on a raining night
A small body tied down in the attic and screaming

눈 - eye
이제 - from now on
빛 - light
빛나다 - to shine (light comes out)
뇌 - brain
숨 쉬다 - to breathe
포도 - grape
채워 지다 - to be full of
보라색 - purple
심장 - heart. This is the physical heart, the organ.
새파랗다 - bright blue
새파랗게 - bright bluish (lit. bright bluely)
멍 - bruise. 멍이 지다 - to get a bruise
유혹 - temptation. 유혹적인 - tempting
손목 - Wrist. Note that this is 손 (hand) + 목 (neck). The hand's neck.
비 - rain
오다 - to come
밤 - night
비 오는 밤 - the/a night rain comes
광기 - craziness
차다 - to go deeply into...
제물 - sacrifice / offering
기다리다 - to wait
다락 - attic. Short for 다락방
같히다 - to be stuck in
비명 - a scream. 비명을 지르다 - to scream
작다 - small
몸 - body


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