Barriere in British Columbia (Canada) to build its own Stonehenge

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Great idea, especially for a small town that has no real tourism to speak of or anything else to make it famous. What makes this interesting though (more interesting than other Stonehenge replicas) is that the town is located at exactly the same latitude, so it would serve the same function as the original. Other replicas built elsewhere are at different latitudes and thus don't have anything to do with the position of the stones on certain dates such as on the summer solstice.

Visitors to the original Stonehenge are not permitted to get close enough to touch the stones, but they certainly will be able to in Barriere.

According to the article the town does not yet know how it will get the funding for the construction (although city council did set aside the land to be used), so hopefully the PR from the Globe & Mail article and (hopefully) further attention online will help out there. It would be pretty easy to make the argument that the stones would provide an economic benefit to the town from those who decide to visit due to simple curiosity (close to Kamloops on a road trip), religious reasons (neo-Pagans), archaeological students, etc. I would certainly visit there if they were constructed whereas without them there would be no reason to go all the way to Barriere, which I had never even heard of before today.

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