Radis IN, Israel's Persian-language radio station / İsrail’de Farsça radyo yayını

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Somewhere close to this half-cat, half-owl, Israelis are broadcasting in Persian.

Here's something interesting I stumbled across just now:

İsrail’in internet üzerinden yayın yapan Farsça radyo istasyonu Radis IN bir ay kadar önce yayınına başladı. 24 saatlik yayının tümü Farsça...
Radis IN, an Israeli radio station broadcasting online in Persian, started broadcasting one month ago. The 24-hour (and 7 days a week BTW) radio broadcast is all in Persian, containing programs on food...
Radyo istasyonu Müdürü Amir Shai; “Radyo görevlileri Farsça konuşan, bu kültür mirasını korumayı hedefleyen, İsrail’den tüm dünyaya seslerini duyurmak isteyen İsraillilerden oluşuyor” demekte.
Radio station manager Amir Shai said that "People working at the station are Israelis that speak Persian, want to protect this culture's heritage, and want to have their voices heard from Israel all over the world."
Radyo istasyonu Tel Aviv-Holon arasında küçük bir stüdyodan yayın yapmakta.
The radio station broadcasts from a small studie in between Tel Aviv and Holon.

Their site is all in Hebrew though so it's a good thing that the broadcast automatically loads or I might not have been able to find it. I've been listening to it for about ten minutes now and so far it's all music, though the singing is in Persian. Not sure how much actual talking in Persian there is, but considering that it's 24/7 I'm sure they have a variety of programs including news and discussions and whatnot.


Novlangue said...

Have you checked out the Iranian radio website in Hebrew? Quiza eso es una retaliacion (de los sionistas).

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