The Man From Earth (2007) with French subtitles

Monday, December 08, 2008

This is a movie from last year that was made on quite a small budget ($200,000) and filmed over a single week. It also takes place in pretty much a single location, and is just a group of people talking about...something (no reason to give the story away when the video's right below).

...Okay, this much won't spoil it: it's about a professor who suddenly decides to leave his position and go somewhere all of a sudden, for apparently no reason at all. You get to find out the reason as you watch.

The best part about the movie is that the producer expressly thanked people for downloading and distributing the movie for free, because it was able to reach a lot more people than he had expected as a result.

With this version with French subtitles and the English dialogue, it would probably be pretty easy to create subtitles in an IAL, such as Ido, Occidental or Interlingua (although what would be REALLY interesting would be reconstructed Indo-European considering the subject). There's a lot more conversation in this movie than the average 90-minute film though, so it could take quite a while.


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