Latin Wikipedia now has a ton of information on Brazil

Monday, December 08, 2008

Exercitus Brasiliensis copiae antequam versus missionem ad pacem servandam MINUSTAH in Haitia inscendant.

The page on Brazil (Brasilia) is now one of the longest pages on the Latin Wikipedia. Until the end of the summer it was around 17K in size (here it is on September 7 for example) but since then it's been continuously updated by an anonymous editor and is now over 83K, and that's after another user removed the section on history to its own page because the main page had gotten to long (it was over 95K then).

This reminds me of an idea for free publicity of a subject one might like: an IAL for example, maybe the Dvorak Keyboard, Ubuntu, Firefox, or something else you'd like the world to know a bit more about. It's a colossal undertaking to get a page up on the Wikipedia main page in English, but in another language it's usually not quite as hard. At the same time the amount of publicity is more limited.

Here's the weekly article on the main page of the Estonian Wikipedia for example: Tycho Brahe. Not bad, but it still only clocks in at 16K. The one the week before (Albert Kivikas) also has a similar length, 24K. The page on Ido is already close in terms of size (10K) but needs some fixing up. Now if only Ido had an Idist living in Estonia that could fix it up and get it on the main page, hmm...

I also see that Interlingua doesn't even have a page on the Estonian Wikipedia. Maybe a page on the language could show up on the did you know (kas teadsid, et...) section, or maybe the page on Ido could as well, since it doesn't seem to be strictly for new articles as the English Wikipedia is.


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