The Macau Yearbook 2008 now out in Portuguese

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Região Administrativa Especial de Macau da República Popular da China

Even though Portuguese isn't used much as an everyday language in Macau anymore, at least it still puts out a certain amount of content in the language such as this 702-page yearbook every year:
The 702-page Portuguese-language edition of “The Macau Yearbook 2008” will be available for sale from today. It is an annual publication compiled and edited by the Government Information Bureau of Macau (GCS).


The Macau Yearbook has been published since 2002 and is available in three languages namely Chinese, Portuguese and English. The English edition for 2008 is in the process of printing and will be available for sale shortly.
So what sort of info does it have?
Consisting of sixteen chapters, the Overview of the MSAR presents information on the political system, administrative system, legal system, judicial system, external relations, economy, gaming industry, tourism, public order, education, culture, sport, health, social welfare, media, communications, information technology, land, infrastructure, housing, public utilities, transport, geography, environment, population, religion, customs and history.


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