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Sunday, August 03, 2008

I've translated most of another article appearing in the did you know...? section of the Main Page of the English Wikipedia into Interlingua in order to bring more attention to international auxiliary languages. This one is about a historical house called The Birches in the hamlet of Garrison in the state of New York, and is on the Main Page right now for the next few hours. Last week they occurred about once every four hours or so but recently they've been much slower, only updating every six to eight hours or so.

Here's the original English content with the content in Interlingua on the right:

English Interlingua

The Birches is a house at the southeast corner of the junction of NY 9D and 403 in the hamlet of Garrison, New York, United States. It was built for William Osborn, as part of his nearby Wing & Wing estate, by architect Ralph Adams Cram in the High Victorian Gothic architectural style.

In 1982 it was added to the National Register of Historic Places. It is just across Route 9D from the Garrison Grist Mill Historic District.

The Birches es un domo in le sud-est angulo de NY 9D (Route 9D del Stato de New York) e NY 403 in le vico de Garrison, New York, Statos Unite de America. Illo esseva construite pro Williom Osborn, como parte de su proxime proprietate de Wing & Wing, per le architecto Ralph Adams Cram in le stile de gothic victorian.

In 1982 illo esseva addite al Registro National del Locos Historic. Illo es ponite trans Route D del Districto Historic de Garrison Grist Mill.


The first story is built of dressed, randomly-coursed stone. It gives way to frame and a gambrel roof on the upper stories. A projecting, center-shingled pavilion on the west facade is trimmed in half-timber, coming to a louvered gable peak with its rafters intentionally exposed as decoration. A similarly-decorated porch, with open gable, extends from the pavilion.

Le prime etage es construite per petra vestite e con un curso aleatori. Postea illo se continua a structura e tecto gambrel in le alte etages. Un pavilion projectante e con calculos centrate in le west faciada es equilibrate in ligno de media, veniente a un puncta de fronton aperte, con su traves voluntarimente exponite como decoration.

The Birches was designed in 1882 for William H. Osborn, owner of the nearby Wing & Wing estate. Within the Osborn family, it became known as the Honeymoon House, since both William Church and Fairfield Osborn lived there after their marriages while waiting for their own nearby homes to be completed. When not used by them, it was occasionally home to the family's servants.

The Birches esseva designate in 1882 pro William H. Osborn, le proprietario del proprietate vicin de Wing & Wing. In le familia de Osborn, illo deveniva cognoscite como le Honeymoon House, proque ambe William Church e Fairfield Osborn viveva ibi quando illes attendeva le construction de su nove domos. Quando non usate, de tempore in tempore illo esseva le casa del domesticos del familia.


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