Fars News Agency starts Turkish version

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Check it out, Fars News is now available in Turkish. I still haven't checked whether there is information in the Turkish edition that isn't available in English but I can only assume that to be the case given the extent of the relations between the two countries (Iran and Turkey) as well as the large Azeri-speaking population in the north of Iran. A lot of interviews are probably already conducted in Turkish and then translated into English when the original Turkish might be more informative. Here's part of the press release:

He further said that different Turkish-language speaking communities in such countries as Turkey, Azerbaijan, the Caucasus and Central Asia as well as expatriate Turks in Europe had requested FNA to present news in Turkish.

"Last year Fars News Agency was visited by several journalists and media people from Turkey. They demanded Fars - which they said has proved to be a brilliant news agency in the region - to start a Turkish desk," Moghaddam-Far stated.
One example right there: I'm sure they didn't 'demand' that they start a Turkish desk. Probably more like a polite request.

Of course, you are going to get Iran's point of view of the news with this but that's what looking at news in other languages is all about:
To conclude his words, Moghaddam-Far said presenting a true picture of the Islamic Republic, promotion of the values and inspiring effects of the Islamic Revolution, supporting oppressed nations and liberation movements, particularly the oppressed Palestinian people, and unveiling the true face of the world arrogance and Zionism are among the most important goals pursued by FNA in establishing a Turkish department.
It's interesting to note how other countries can assist in the regional/global spread of a language in this way. For those that speak Turkic languages the Turkish language edition will probably be the most easily comprehensible, and eventually Turkish may take place as the language to publish in when one wants to reach the entire Turkic-speaking world. The spread of other Turkic languages like Kazakh also adds to this; it strengthens Kazakh as Kazakhstan's national language but at the same time it makes Turkish easier to read than before and ends up benefiting the latter at the same time.

Newsweek is also launching a Turkish language edition in the fall.


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