Google News finally available in Turkish / "Google Haberler" Türkiye'de yayında

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

At long last! Actually it first became available on the 12th of August but I didn't notice it until today as I was about to write in the last post that Google should hurry up and create a Turkish-language version of Google News because it's available in all these languages:

Argentina - Australia - België - Belgique - Botswana - Brasil - Canada English - Canada Français - Chile - Colombia - Cuba - Česká republika - Deutschland - España - Estados Unidos - Ethiopia - Ghana - France - India - Ireland - Italia - Kenya - México - Namibia - Nederland - New Zealand - Nigeria - Norge - Österreich - Perú - Portugal - Schweiz - South Africa - Suisse - Sverige - Tanzania - Uganda - Türkiye - U.K. - U.S. - Venezuela - Zimbabwe - 中国版 (China) - 香港版 (Hong Kong) - 日本 (Japan) - 한국 (Korea) - 台灣版 (Taiwan) - ישראל (Israel) - Ελλάδα (Greece) - العالم العربي (Arabic) - Россия (Russia) - हिन्दी (India) -தமிழ்(India)

And then suddenly noticed that the word Türkiye was one of them. Here's the announcement from Google:

Today, we're delighted to announce the launch of Google News in Turkey. Now, Turkish-speaking users in Turkey and around the world are a click away from the latest news in their native language. The Google News Turkish edition crawls articles from more than 400 sources, so that news enthusiasts in Turkey can easily discover and read a wide variety of perspectives on important stories.

We think this is a significant step towards helping our Turkish users find even more content online. We're pleased to note that with this launch, we've made over 40 regional editions of Google News available in 22 different languages.
That's great news, and it means I don't have to search through any of the other news aggregator sites I've had to use all this time. Here's CNN Türk on the subject as well.


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