Nonni e Manni: part 3

Friday, May 02, 2008

Time for part 3 of the Ido translation of this Icelandic tale from German. Here are the other two parts.

-- Tante diligenta me esus! Me suplikas vu, lernigez da me, cavespere, adminime la principa elementi.
-- How diligent I would be! I beg you, let me learn, this evening, at least the principal elements.
-- Cavespere? Kande omni ja es enligita? Tu ne reflektis pri lo, bubeto.
-- This evening? When everyone is already in bed? You didn't think about that, little boy.
-- Kontree! me bone reflektis. Ni povas plu facile agar lo. Ni pleos tote nelaute.
-- On the contrary! I thought well. We can do it easier. We will play completely silently.
Arngrim, sempre plu astonate da mea ardoro, lasis su persuadesar, e komencis explikar a me la fluto-klavi.
Arngrim, always more astonished by my ardour, let himself be persuaded, and began to explain to me the flute keys.
Me restis kun lu plu tarde kam til noktomezo, exercante me sen interrupto.
I stayed with him until after midnight, training myself without interruption.
Fine, mea inicieso semblis a me suficanta por ke me kapablesez ipse helpar me en lernar la restajo. E me babileskis kun mea muziko-profesoro.
Finally, my iniciation seemed to me sufficient to make me capable of helping myself in learning the rest. And I began to chat with my music professor.
"Mea opinione," me dicis, "nulo es plu bel kam fluto-pleo."
"In my opinion," I said, "nothing is more beautiful than the playing of the flute."


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