Gwangju to launch Korea's first Chinese-language radio broadcasts

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Found this article in Korean the other day:

Gwangju English Broadcasting (FM 98.7MHz) is set to launch the country's first Chinese radio broadcasts. Thanks to the Korea Communications Commission's multilingual broadcast resolution it adopted, it is set to begin in October a 2-hour daily Chinese-language program. The program will have information on daily life, the region, national news, news on China, among others.

There are 22,000 Chinese citizens living in the Gwangju / Jeonnam region.

Gwangju English Broadcasting began in April 2009 with all English broadcasting, but of the 63,000 foreign nationals living in the region a full 35% of them are Chinese.

Listeners will be able to hear the Chinese broadcasts through radio stations in Gwangju, Seoul, and Busan.

Gwangju is one of Korea's larger cities, the sixth-largest (fifth if you count Seoul, Incheon and the rest as a single megalopolis) and located in the southwest corner.

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