CAT Thruster Kickstarter pledge goes up

Friday, July 19, 2013

I just increased my pledge for the CAT Thruster for CubeSats from $21 to $30:

So far after 12 days they are at $35,750, and with only 18 days left there is a long way to go to $200,000. At this rate they will reach $90,000 by the end.

My main goal in pledging to this campaign is seeing cheap (under $1 million) missions to all the asteroids I want to see close up:

24 Themis with its surface covered in water ice,
87 Sylvia with its two moons,
Apophis of course which could hit us one day,
Phobos and Deimos,
and all the rest that never make the cut for missions costing hundreds of millions of dollars.


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