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Thursday, January 24, 2013

A fairly exciting message from Jeff Blakeslee today on Auxlang:

Here are a couple of handbooks for Mundolingue, a language by Julius Lott. In its later form it looks quite similar to Occidental.

1890 version (a.k.a. Mondolingue, Compromisz-Sprache, Compromiss-Lingue):

1899 version (Mundolingue "proper"):

Also, I don't know if this is old news, but there is a lot more historical auxlang goodness incl. books on Old Volapük, Veltparl, Spelin, Bolak, Myrana etc. at this page:

I had never heard of this language before and even on Wikipedia it's only mentioned in French, Esperanto and Interlingua. The French Wikipedia has the following example:

Exemple: Amabil amico, Con grand satisfaction mi ha lect tei letter de mundolingue. Le possibilita de un universal lingue pro le civilisat nations ne esse dubitabil, nam noi ha tot elements pro un tal lingue in nostri lingues, sciences, et cetera.

Traduction : Cher ami, c'est avec une grande satisfaction que j'ai lu res lettres en mundolingue. La possibilité d'une langue universelle pour les nations civilisées ne peut être mise en doute, car nous avons tous les éléments pour une telle langue dans nos langues, nos sciences, etc.

Steve Rice says he'll be taking a look at these books too so we should have his abbreviated writeup of the language soon too.


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