É muito comum encontrar brasileiros que se consideram falantes de espanhol pelo simples fato de saber um grupo de palavras.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

This article in Portuguese about learning Spanish for Brazilians can probably be summed up in that one sentence. Unless one is happy being an entirely passive reader and listener of a language, but few are.

It's also interesting to note that active use, not passive understanding, seems to be the general goalpost by which one is said to know a language. Demonstrations on YouTube of languages people know are almost always of this type, usually involving a speaker talking to the audience in one or more languages. I can't say I've seen that many showing the opposite (a speaker participating in a spontaneous conversation with one or more native speakers) unless it's someone being interviewed on radio or TV. Logistically as well it's much less easy, especially if you are a polyglot with a number of languages to demonstrate.


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