Small link roundup, 18 August 2012

Saturday, August 18, 2012

A few things to reference today:

--- An article on IALs which is a bit hit and miss on describing the characteristics of some of the major languages. Interestingly enough Sambahsa makes an appearance here, though once again the description doesn't exactly do it justice.

--- On bilingual education in Illinois.

--- A Brazilian comedian doing standup in Papiamentu. Could use a bit less camera movement but it's interesting to watch. Apparently speakers from Aruba are way easier to understand than those in Curaçao. Good to know.

--- A new Spanish station called FoxMundo has just started in the US:

--- A problem with one of Dawn's reaction wheels has caused a delay in its departure from Vesta by about a week. Apparently it won't affect the mission at Ceres.


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