Great free and out of date Afrikaans grammar for German speakers

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Another great find on Being from 1904 it is not a grammar of Afrikaans per se but rather die kaphollãndischen Sprache. Looking inside the orthography is also different from the modern standardized language: die is di, ñ is everywhere for some reason, van is fan, etc. etc. Also, the German is written in Fraktur. Put all that together and the textbook is not very useful. What it needs is a group of German and Afrikaans speakers, or a dedicated perfectly bilingual speaker of the two languages to redo it. Change the Afrikaans orthography, change archaic usage to something more modern, change the German Fraktur to a regular modern font, and remove archaisms in the German part as well. Then record the Afrikaans text, and voilà - you now have the best free Afrikaans textbook on the web.


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